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Been practicing a few things, working while schooling and sleeping like a mongrel. I guess it's a more appropriate time than ever since i'll have more time open up for this site.



































Also, be sure to watch fox for newer episodes of Family guy every night on sundays.

gonna be gone for awhile :/

2016-02-05 17:01:55 by FrozenJetpax

I have decided that i want a sexchange. Current medical technology yeilds a very poor result. A vagina can be made from the penis, but it will likely have hair inside of it, and there is a good chance of damaging the sensitive nervs, which would make sex unpleasurable. Breasts can only get but so big, nipples would not function. There would be no reproductive capability, and bone structure cannot be modified.

My plan is to build an AI system which can revise and improve on its self. It would be a cognitive AI system, a truely intelligent machine. Each time it improves on it's self, by modifying it's source code, it would increase in it's intellectual capacity in an exponential manner. Being that it would be superintelligent, it could run a profitable business, to generate income, which it would use to buy materials needed to improve upon its self.

It should be able to develop the required technologies needed to proform an exceptional sex change. Not only would i transition over to being female, i would actually be a real woman, with full reproductive capability. Any sort of mental defects would be resolved, and i would have a completely healthy new body, void of any detromental conditions. This means i could live on for ever, looking great and the only way of death would be if somebody killed me or if got into an accident of some sort.

So my question to the guests of newgrounds, is your thoughts on this process. Also i would be interested in hearing any ideas you have for creating such AI and approprate hardware to run it on. Please refrain from ethical discussions, as i think it is 100% ethical to produce a machine which could solve all of humanitys health and technology problems.


2015-07-15 20:08:02 by FrozenJetpax

Mom came in my room while i was looking at porn. I was'nt really masturbating i was just browsing.

Feeling realllly disturbed right. What should i do?


Gonna start uploading some sketchs soon.